A team of developers wants to bring America’s favorite convenience store, Wawa, to Upper Gwynedd Township



Upper Gwynedd Township Commissioners have worked behind closed doors with executives from Merck to block the Wawa proposal.

Email Communication between Township Commissioner Len Perrone and Merck Employee, Greg Landis suggests that the two coordinated their presentation about the proposed Wawa. 

Merck's executives have tried to prevent the proposed Wawa by attempting to interfere with the developer's contract to purchase the property from current owners.  Merck has spent many tens of thousands of dollars to hire its long-time traffic consulting firm which presented a grossly exaggerated "doomsday" traffic report to the Commissioners.

The Township has spent thousands of dollars on special counsel, special land planners and special traffic engineers to create unsupportable opposition to the Wawa proposal.  

Despite the Township Planning Commission’s recommendation to approve the Wawa land development plans, some of the Commissioners have brazenly supported a similar proposal by a Wawa competitor, Royal Farms, who seeks to develop a competing facility at another corner on the same intersection.  In fact, some of the Commissioners attempted to enter into a “sweetheart” settlement agreement with the competitor, but the Township’s Zoning Hearing Board refused to participate in such improper process.





At the corner of Sumneytown Pike and West Point Pike, the 5,000+ square-foot convenience store and fuel station would bring the iconic brand’s features closer to home:

  • Wide array of products and surcharge free ATM’s available in a convenient, accessible location.

  • Large selection of fresh food service, including Wawa’s famous built-to-order hoagies, sandwiches, sides and snacks, as well as an array of freshly brewed coffees.

  • 40 new full and part-time local jobs with career path options and generous benefits in a workplace culture that’s like a family.

Unfortunately, the Upper Gwynedd Township Commissioners have worked behind closed doors with executives from Merck to block the Wawa proposal. 



NEARLY 450 PEOPLE have signed the petition to support having a Wawa in Upper Gwynedd Township.

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